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What does it mean someone asking you money in dream

Saw name of allaah and prophet s.a.w.s. on a piece of cloth

Falling a flight of steps


Sugar apple

Letter addressed to me

Knees are numb

Broken crystal in mouth

Mom affair

Green capcicum up in the trees in dream meaning

Dream charging phone

Giving black banana to others in dream indicates

Someone stole empty gallon

Being poisened

Yellow flowers

Using bolt cutters

Dream that someone told me go back with your ex girlfriend

Eating cocoyam dream

Bilt cutters

Good jewellery

What does meaning in dream preaching in church

What does it mean harvesting okro in dream

What does it mean having sex with a witch in your dreams

Taurus dream interpretation

What does it mean dreaming coffee plantation in the dream

What is the meaning of zobo drink in the dream

Egg beter break

My boyfriend sucking my breast

Plucking garden egg in the dream


Fixing your teeth

Cooking millet ugali

Artificial insemination

Someone walking into a door

Arms around your waist


Mixing doughnut with akpu

Naked father


Dead mother sweeping my shop

Staples in my head

Ex boyfriend relative freezing

Scared of being hurt dead father saves

Dead dad saves you

Praying namaz in all direction

Someone walking into a door where my clothes are

What does oha leave mean in the dream

Gold stones

Gold coloured cushions

Eddie on in a dream

Teeth falling otu

Talking with a saint

What does it meaning catching mushmeat in the dream

A leaking hole in the breast

Pastor brought a beautiful sandals for me

Rabbit biting snake


Black horse

A pastor brought beautiful sandals for me

Foreign writing on bill board

Someone gives me jaggery

Black dragon

Billboards with foreign writing means


Snake sleeps aside

Snake sleepsaside

Stoney magnetic cave

Life support

To be chased with a gun

Arrested somebody

Glass vase crystal flowers

What does it mean when bugs are coming out of your vagina?

Blues moon


Chocking on paper towel

Death in shower

What does it mean for someone to pay my debt in excess

I dream driving a car into a beach

Dead person giving birth to baby boy


Silver coins

Water and electricity

Eating udara in the dream means

Five rands coins

Seeing clear quartz in your dream meaning

Clear quartz


Someone gives me cowries in a dream what does it mean | dream interpretation

Strangers not leaving


Parallel lines intertwine


Crossed pathways

Someone called me ugly in my dream

Smoke spiraling

Someone fart

Losing black tooth

A blanket given to me in a dream

To buy a snail

Wearing a peach colour dress

Wearing a peach dress


Walls crumbling beach

Not invited to family party

Cooking a tortoise

Someone lift me up

Pigeons in a living room cabinet cant get out and how did they get in

I canceled my wedding in my dream


Sofa stands gm

Giving bread to a madman

Child hidden under the floor



Winning a soccer match

Baby in a box under the floor

Shooting someone

Pelled egusi

I was hiding drugs from the police

Applying kajal on own eyse

Breaking palm kernel



Meaning of panga in a dream

My sister cooking

My sister cooling

My house sliding down the hill

Friend with benifits

Body turning left and right

Seeing a dead person looking mirror


Instead of money changes a dry leave give someone in my dreamss


Dry leaves means meaning instead of amoney chanes

Eating jaggery witj lover

Receiving dirty dishcloth

Receiving duty dishcloth

In islam what does its mean to sex of son with mother

Eating only jaggery in dreams

Moyher having sex with his son

Washing dishcloth

Dreaming about a person who has passed away

Dirty dish cloth that was soaked and came up clean with no effort

Meaning broken microphone

Plucking vegetables

Torn nipple

Jumping off a bridge

Buying sachet water for a lady

Eating coal in dream means what

Bi carb soda

Baking soda

Baking sosa

Looking at a dead person looking at a mirror

Dream meaning of someone withdraw plenty money from atm and give you to buy food stuff

Angelina riding g a flying horse thru the clouds

Snake sulking my breast

Sleeping next to a naked woman

Seeing a dead person looking at a mirror

Dead person looking at a mirror.

Red feather

Dreamt of table cloth

Dancing with half naked woman

Dancing with half nskef woman

1 pair cut slipper

Seeing a ripe palm fruit cut and fall

Dream about picking cowries

Laying on a person

Crossing the river in a dream

Eating coal in dream

What do it means having confusion with your sister in law

Big dull sun

Dreaming your boyfriend sister

Best friend married a coworker that i like and they were very mean to me in the dream

Eating smoke fish

Heavy baby

I dreamt about my friend daughter holding a spoiled boiled egg

To dream two faces

In a womb

Dreaming od lobola nigotioation

What is the meaning of chewing bambara nut in the dream?

What does cabash mean in dream in the church


Woman with two faces

My deceased ex-husband is providing a feeling of intimate closeness wanting to touch me or kiss me

Can’t seem to tee off

Talking to deceased father

Evil laugh in dreams

What those it mean eating cola nut in the dream

Fighting in the church


Eating cola nut

Selling samosas dream meaning

What those it mean eating kola nut in the dream

Eating kolanut in the dream

Taking bath with a bucket of water

Purple fruit meaning in dreams

Hearing death news

Having two hearts but one is failing

Heart leaves

Meaning of plucking ebelebo phone

Flying in a airplane

Meaning of ebelebo fruit in english

Winning a expensive car

To dream of being cuddle by one boss

Talking crying

Conditioner for clothes


Flying instead of walking

Someone dreamt that i am being taken to the hospital

Snake coming out of hole

Dinning with a dead relative

Floating towards

Being with an unknown male

Normal looking cute guy is really a midget

Going up escalator and falling off at top

Being ill

Unknown male

Going up escalator and no landing at top

Dream about selling fish

Working with a diseceased brother

With son

Doing things with a diseceased relative

Fire falling from the sky and burning people

Traditional healer dream meaning

Trying on slippers



Fight in the woods

Frozen in time

Rapping signing

Toys to life

Food multiplying

Growing food

Not seeing well in blackboard

Baby in a red blanket

Falling to collapse ground

Meeting alternate versions of yourself

Talking to my sister

Dreaming about seeing your school principal marking your work

Dreaming about seeing your school principal marking y

Ex wife smirking

Blood from ear

Regergatate blades

Red pot

Dog eating clothes

Moths ate my underwear

House sliding down cliff in rain

Dream about eyeslashes

Ripe peach tree

Half saree dream

Dead prince

Receive meat from strangers

Climbing a tall tower

Swimming race competition

Going up a mountain in a gondola scared

Knob on ceiling

Broken baby chair

Silver stone

Eating food temple

Bird suck blood

To dream of washing plenty locust beans in the dream means

White hair blue eyes woman


Celebrating eid and people singing and happy

Dreaming by linking a women vagina

Dreaming seeing a women vagina

Ice statue in water

Red christmas trimming



Red christmas decoration

Sex with a dead sister


Lighting off oil diya

My own funeral dream

Dreaming sukking a vagina, in a shopping center


Albino alligator

Fire torches

Worms on foot

Gold letters

Soaking leaves

Owns death

What does it mean when you die

Dry leaves in water

What doesnit mean when you die

Talking to a dead person in a dream

Planting moringa seeds

Needles in foot

Someone give kajal to me n dream

Deceased grandmother sweeping the floor

Spilt nail polish

Someone give kajal to me

I was picking mimosa pudica in dream

I was picking mimosa pudica in dram

2 showers

Lovers house

Pluck leaves

Pluck green leaves

Lovers relative dies

Sister being raped

On the hand

Convert to mp3

Green pastures

Seeing yourself in a catalog

Good transgender

Good trangender

Seeing sto ni

Harvard university

White thread mouth

White thread

Bankruptcy in business

Dead big toe nails

Hot chains

Misspelling your own name

Loan return

Head downhill

Son rides bike into water

Loved one getting hurt

Bought a ripe friend plantain and eat


Ex bf waving

Meeting bf family

Touching my breast

Printer on fire

Flashing multi colored lights

Cervical mucus in dream meaning

Dodging falling tree

Sleeping in mall

Winnie the pooh

Dream of a favorite athlete

Dreaming lay out having sex

Orange ball deformed

Dream about everyone liking you

Upper spine cracking

Upper spine

Gold broken chandelier

Having sex with shemale.


Coffee stain on white shirt


Seduce someone


Seeing cadamum for tea in dream



Husband suckling milk from wife

White van

Ulysses dreams

Dream about butt

Dreaming about moon

Green chili tree

Dreaming about waxing crescent phase moon

Leg upside down

Seeing someone else vomit

Dream meaning of not touching


Seeing someone get raped

Green lizards

Eating styrofoam plate

Dream meaning of not wanting anyone to hold me


Sailing away to find mother

Laying on the ground

Dream meaning of mother sailing away to china in row boat

Duchess table

Hot chips

Vowel in dreams meaning

Did mother short hair

Throwing food on wall

My dead mother had cut her hair made me scream

A dream about soldier crossing a gutter and stumbling

Pastor handing hands or greeting you

No more contact

To dream of your dead mother with short hair

Goji berries

Sacred heart

Sacred heart

A friend came and said no more contact

Naked father in law

Steel barrier

Meaning of eating beans with a spoon in the dream

What does it meaning human vowel in dream

Roll the berrel

A heap of palm kernel nut in a vision

Dreaming you are in america white house

Dreaming you are at white house

Sister- in-law


Ladies dancing wearing emerald color dress while attending funeral

Ladies dancing wearing emerald color dress while attending funerals

Deceased family member shaking frames

Frames on wall shaking


Dream of sleeping

Spouse, blue demon

Roller coaster going up

Looking for lost glasses

My dreams my sister giving birth a baby

Ring falling in the toilet

My sister law pregnant and with a girl

You my sister law had a dream of me i was pregnant and having a baby girl

Eye dries out

Mopani worm

Abandoned by parents



View from tall building

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Writing a obituary


Train carriage


Seeing yourself beautifull


Past coworker

Ex colleague

Being tricked someone

Flatulence in public

Seen someone drowned

Dancing barefoot with your lover

The meaning of a prophetess and pastor in bed together

Drowned soldier

Moon fell from sky

Dead mother give me dress


Repaid by deceased debtor

Blue explosion

Repaid what was owed


Seeing a dead love one sweeping house

Selling watch

Bugs in coffee

Small scissors

Dream of being seduced

Big bowel movement toilet not working

Safety pins on clothes

I dreamt i was asking a pastor a question about myself in a dream but he never answered

Boiling a cat

Dreams about grandnut oil

Christian dream interpretation for table cloth

Yellow eyes mean


Sheep slaughter in house

Red sheep

Spiders falling from the ceiling

Dream of centipedes meaning

Yellow blinking eyes in a cloud

Yellow snr santo niño

Yellow blinking lights


Satchet cold water

Dog trying to biye

Looking for a person in a dream

Cannot find someone

Dreaming of someone asking for a sanitary pads

Sister brushing her hair

Ukuphupha umuntu tete umntwana

Ukuphupha umuntu tete umntwana

Ukuphupha umuntu othandan naye etete umntwana emhlane

God photo broke 8n dream

Bird talon finger


Feline skins itself

Karika papaya

Karika papaya

Cat skinning itself

Receiving provisions in a dream




Nightmares; sex.

See someone murdered

Long deceased relatives


Planner pages binding


Con man stole my car

Heart rock

Finding a heart shaped rock in the ground

Floral dresses


Sharing someones load

Carrying a backpack

Tubal cane

A creepy grub

Seeing my dead mum looking young in her face

Taking bath with bucket of water in the dream

My girlfriend wear apron in my dreams

Luxe slim

Fighting a giant crab

Sand in a room

Abandoned cats

Cats on stairs

Breaking into a home, broken glass

Feet was oiled

Boyfriend sucking on breast nipples

Lack of faith

Dreaming mouth in plant

Dream of white fox

Green pond legs


Dream of a naked woman

Elephant swimming pool

Break in

A lot of doors


Hiding an illness

Hiding under bed

Wine glass break

Happy peaceful harmonious

Pregnant stranger

Objects coming alive

Objects transforming

Objects interacting

Motorcycle parts

Metal shelves

Chewing cola nut

Racks of magical clothing

Having a friend

I’m losing my house


Pregnant belly

Riding a trolley

Town destroyed by war

Breasts full of lumps

Nreasts full of lumps

Destruction from war

Black rain

Dancing in claer water with a guy

Hand is black

The forest

Dream of only having on a towel

Spoiled pineapple

Seeing someone spitting betel and nut juice inside a temple

Spoiled fruit

Rotten pineapple

Evil growl

Growling sound


Baby coffins

Kissing someone who is going to die

Krishna speaking in dream

Walking the beach with a snow avalanche

Kissing an old friend

Dream someone lifting you up

Presenting quarter onion

Blessing eyes

Left hand turn black

Mom bleeding from eyes

Mom possessed

Mom turned head around

Goldfish flying

Turning head backwards

In a pool kissing a man

Head only looking back at me

Mouth full of nails

Buying a rolls royce

Human body

Shaved hair in male

Been given bad of poker chips

Shaved sides of the head in male

Poker chips

Industrial nails

Warts on hands

Child crying

Mouth full of hammer nails

Brightly colored stairwell

While women


A anime character kiss me what does it mean

Hairy forearms

Different salads


Dream meaning of break melon egusi

Getting coins

Fighting over shuttle bag

Glass jar falls but doesn’t break

Pushing into a pit



Buying raw pap

Serving paneer in dream

Dreaming of crabs turning to turkey meat

Green folding stool

Child eating animal feces

Dead animal in sea

Hairless monkey

Green foldout chair

Female witch doctor

Too tired to speak


Pastor drunk in my dream

Taking pap and honey

Wearing abaya

Pink abaya


L shape big bedroom with two kids

Purchase agreement arash


Blurred face

Circle blood ritual robes celebrate

Bedroom wall collapse


Cake platter

Cske plate

Ritual magic

Hooded robes with pendants

Ceremonial robes

What does it mean to dream of your lost cat being found

Untrustworth people

Hair ties

School work

Finding a shoe



Receiving biscuits in a dream

All teeth fall out

Eating bread

Eating bread

Eating maize

What does it mean to see someone is opening your flourishes dress dress

What does it mean to see someone is opening your flower dress

What does it mean to dream of your own flower dress

Al imran


Parrot biting my finger

Someone else been in purgatory

Green large bird

Green peacock


Spilled human ashes on me

Pushing mother in wheelchair


Others taking clothes

Smoke from a vehicle

Imposter spouse

Led coming out of hands

Dreaming of biting a women in my dream

Barried alive

Holding the moon by hand

Purple in religion

Doing my eyeliner boldly

Dead wife having affair

Seeing bitter kola in dream

Dating your friend

Cleaning mold

Savings bank

Round scar

Being harassed by dead friends ghost

Split nail

Someone throwing their vaginal discharge to me

Sleeping under a bed cover

Bed cover

Crumbling teeth

Ladies hair and buttock

Teeths crumbling while talking

Boyfriend stabbing you with a knife

I kill catfish with my knife




Sweeping the yard

Ladies hair

Dreaming a beaver is trying to bite at a dog and me

Woman repairing wig

What does it mean if you sucking ex dick in dream

Putting on pants that are too big

Hair repair

Dream of dead relative looking confused

Wearing new hair

Wearing new hair

Unable to drive vehicle around corner

Boiling turtles

People asking if you are a prophet

Sucking a girl vagina

Putting fire

Money messages

Ex wife threatening

A man sucking a woman vagina

No shirt on walking

Eating dasheen

Vomiting out blood

Gold minnow

Glod minnow

Dream about biblical writing on the wall

Rising from a coffin

Walking naked

Person waking up in a coffin

Mene mene tekel ufarsin

Person waking up in coffee

Old woman swindling me

Old woman cheating me

Cat bag

Old woman scamming me

Floating on board in water

What does it mean when you got a fish hook stuck in your ear

What does it meaning a, hen, hatching, white, guinea, fowl, eggs, in the dream?

An old woman was trying to scam me in my dream

Eating powder

Grandmother talking with me doing dishes and telling me an idea i had i needed to do it

Cut off hand and foot

Dreaming start a ritual and i wokeup

Stalked by someone i know showed up at a baby gathering with friends then tried to put a thing in my throat to kill me so i finally gave in

Stalked by someone i know showed up at a baby gathering g then tried to put a thing in my throat to kill me so i finally gave in

Torturing someone

If you were given chapati which was well cooked

Stalked by someone i know showed up at a baby shower then tried to put a thing in my throat to kill me so i finally gave in

Stalked by someone i know and he tried to kill me

My karma is completed

Guy you h vagina


Dollars, five


Daughter coming up to you and kisses you on forehead

Puri making

Saying you hate someone in s dream

Saying you hate do

Selling of palm fruit in the dream and they paid me money

Dream of someone who phone is off

Selling of palm fruit in the dream and they paid you money

Eating palm kernel

Lobola arrive late

Dream of leg attack

Green clothing on a dead person

Wearing green

Wearin green

Selling of palm fruit in the dream

What does it mean, selling of palm fruit in the dream

Color coral

What soe

What does it mean when your eyes turn grey in a dream?

Not enough food for your guests

Running away from invading forces

Having company and not enough food

Serving food and running out of it

What does tha mean if your friend was flirting with u in your dream | dream interpretation

Running from a savage army



Walking with lover


Walking at night

Dream of st. peter

What dose it mean fighting a madwoman in the dream

Sister in law grabs penis


White horse with wings licking me

Buyin fuel with rubber in the dream


Witch blowing dust

Furniture moving

Dream of sister in law

Number for sm

What does it meaning dead gives me on dream


Arti mimpi pakai pakaian serba emas

Arti mimpi emas

Makna mimpi jika kita bertemu dengan seorang wanita yang memakai pakaian serba emas saat hamil

Blue truck

Falling tower

What does it mean to sell red oil in the dream

Gift of a baby bird

Orange snake with black dots

A dam

Dipping in water

Wearing chrua in dream

Bathing one self

Hang rake

Hanging rake

Holding kumkum in both the hands

Itch nose

Vegetables growing well in my garden

Tree in my nose

Dream of being with a leader


Fruit and vegetables growing well in my garden

Missing graduation ceremony



Washing vagina

Walking in on a friend having sex




Giant gave me flowers

Getting out of the trench with water

Bruise on underside of arm

Burping in the dream

Burping in tedream

Holding a young version of young girl friend

Dream burping at the interview

Silver wristwatches


Back to work at an old job

What does it meaning to dream of tieing gel for someone


Foot calf

Partner cut off genitals

Dream of coming war

Giving food to billy goat means


Snake in cooked rice found dead

Calf nerv

Sky read

Making selroti by mom in dreams

Tickle nose

Brit night sky many starts


Brit night sky

Spider bites kitten

Cutting dog hair with a tumor in the brain

Kitten bitten by black widow

Foot nerve

Moon skull spider

Selling pawpaw

Your secret exposed

Things blocking me from getting to work

Vicious 2 headed dog

Someone gives you white handkerchief

Dream of a mean camp conserverías


Pushing muddy ricefield

Mind games

Young girl showing her vagina

What does it mean to see a young girl showing her sexual part

Teapot overflowing

Clear water small pond rich with tadpoles and a silvery fish

What does dreaming with a sick baby mean


Blocked toilet

Cooked chicken blocking toilet

Naked from the waist down

Punishment to tears

Big and small frog and then snakebehind them

Baby born with black and white hair

What does it mean very sick brother inthe dream


Being horny

Seeing your ex

Talking to dead relative

Spider crawling across the ceiling

Seeing death relatives

Seeing death relatives

Seeing late grandma in dreams

Angry fight dwarf

Fighting for late grandma kolatree

Change of eye color

I give my girlfriend money to buy food means

Fighting for kolanut


Stone of cherry

Cherry stone


Buring graveyard


Dream of cutting okro

Brother in law getting married

Buying and spilling oil

Someone pregnant

What does it meaning eating, periwinkle, means, what, in the dream?


Having no where to live any more

Woman in green saree in dream

What does it mean to slice okro in the dream

Space objects

Space objects coming down from sky

To recover lost phone

Choked on food

Dream of eating roasted ripe plantain

Objects coming from the sky


Running stomach


White female dog laying on her back with white an black male dog on top of her having sex in in the road

A white dog an white an black dog having sex like white the female dog on her back an male dog on top of her

Choking, torture

Learning how to swim in a dream



No genitalia

Making love with hijra

Naked man no genitalia wrinkled skin


Puting dead and live chicken in a bag

Dream about answering questions about adonis




Black toilet paper

Goat swimming in a calm water

Cooking stick in dream

Having sex with the priest

Dream of fathers car

Father naked

Dream of father naked

The benefits of almond oil

Peeling egusi seed

Nail polish falls off toes

What does it meaning full sack of groundnut in the dream

Nail polish comes off

Eating fresh water leaf

Eating water leaf

Piling melon in the dream



20 naira

Getting married to an im becile

Hired on work

Dreaming you eat grained groundnuts

Nieces husband

Seeing round like lights flushing in the sky

Hearing water dripping

Lights flushes in the sky

Red chalk

Animal fat

Gold shoes and bag

What does it mean to dream building a kraal

Dream about picking up good african pear

I took amala in my dream


Seeing your husbands broken back and him in difficulty

Celebrities spreading u money


Seeing your husbands back broken in dream and the wife trying to help take him


What does it mean wife wearing husband clothes in dream

I was given a cheque book in my dream

Danny dreem modalboy photos

The meaning of washing head in dream

Leaving you a video

Someone killing my family and lovers family

Unable to walk in heels

For me plocking afang leave in my dream

Carrots inside my pussy

Puerto rico

Bread to madman in dream

Roza mubarak

Seeing own wedding card in dreams

Electomagnetic signal

Eating boiled egg means



Spray perfume on hand

Buying sim card in your dreams


Demon attacking

To dream of my sister husband backing my baby

Demon attacking me

Someone giving me a work file

Seeing aghori baba talking to me in dreams

Being chocked by someone you know

. chain link fence


What does it mean to see a green soursop in the dream

Ugu means

Giant wants to have sex with me

Wedding convoy cars dream meaning

Rude man

Sweating dead

Evil men

The meaning of seeing my pastor in my dream trying to make love to me

Black truck in a tornado

Eating mucus

Seeing someone die in a collision

White dress red roses

The meaning of seeing my pastor in a dream trying to make love to me

Stolen phone

What dose it mean breaking melon egusi seed in the dream


Opposition leader

Cracking palm kernel dream meaning

Dead person giving me sweets to eat in a dream

Dream of meeting deputy president

Wishing to sr.sto niño in a dream

Dream of lover with four dogs

Seeing an image og sr.sto.ñino

Dream of lover with four doga

Clergy wife

Buying salt in dreams means

Dream of buying,fufu,in the dream?

Seeing the image of st.sto.niño with satrs in the clouds

Picking money from the floor and deciding to keep it even after knowing the owner of it

I dream that i saw a big hole in the road and when i looked into it saw very dark dirty water

Seeing a snake in the bathroom with the attempt of killing it but vanished

Seeing a snake in the bathroom with the attempt of killing it but vanished

Dirty room

If you dream someone uses stone to take your body discharge away

Dream of chasing by a goat

Bad smell from a person

Smoke comes under the bed

Father taking me and my brother to the bus stop meaning

Maid of honor

Offering in a church full of people

Torn, pants

Giving grandparent a gift

Toilet at dinner party

Transgender asking for money in dream

Talking mannequin

Dream Close
Dream Bottom Image