Running from home

Rotten vegetables in fridge

Red star drawing

Red star

Red bird at door

Red door

Reciting ayatul kursi and and becoming victorious

Reciting ayatul kursi in dream and killing with gun

Rollled up pennies

Receiving monay

Running through a door

Rescuing child sex slaves

Red mountain

Riding my bus that i ride to school

Riding bike naked in drea

Riding bike with mum

Ripped off markerd

Railroad track ends

Robbery train alone

Relaxed thick natural hair

Racing a car in dangerous road conditions

Riding bike down stairs

Restaurant waitress

Rat dead

Retiring judge

Repel against an un seen force with prayers

Room was reversed

Red plead suitcase

Relaxing my hair

Rocks and gravel

Remove thorn from leg


Rotten meat

Running a marathon and winning



Receive ring from dead person

Red apples in water in my dream meaning

Rejecting money card

Receiving checks for birthday

Red cardinal bird

Receiving tasbih

Receiving t

Roller coaster


Rickshaw accident in the dream

Red hot metal

Rejecting strangers marriage proposal

Ring falling apart

Restroom exposure

Raining inside new house

Running a cash register

Running with a chicken

Running down stairs into a flooded basement

Returning lost item to owner

Riding a tricycle with children and having flat tires

Riding a tricycle with flat tires

Riding a tricycle with flat tires and children on board

Riding a tricycle with flat tires and children on back

Removing possessions from old house

Riding on whale


Rape in car

Red wagon

Right eyebrow

Removing a callus

Red flask as a gift in a dream

Roll of black plastic bags

Removing tubers of yam


Rhino dream number

Rice milk

Receiving turmeric and kumkum

Ruby ring


Roof cracks in house

Rotting flesh

Refuse to give grape to someone

Rough road

Ripe mangos

Receiving pink rubber bangles in dream

Reading at up kursi in dream

Res water

Rabid ravcoon bites u

Red curtains




Red straw

Red water flushing in toilet


Red sorrel

Riding down fast in elevator while protected by man


Roasted corn in dream meaning in

Receiving bangles from dead person

Receiving notes about yourself

Receiving love notes

Red wine

Rolled up in carpet

Running from being captured

Red eye color

Receiving baby clothes gift

Rainbow buddha

Rescue inability


Red rose for the dead loveone

Rv flipping over

Ragi rice

Rotten sour cream

Rabbit and snake

Remarry someone else

Remarried in dream

Raw chicken

Receiving turmeric and kumkum in dreams

Receiving a cast iron wheel

Reliving deceptive relationship

Reliving past negative events

Reliving past events

Running on all fours and flying

Rejecting money given to you in a dream.

Rolling backwards down a hill

Rabbit biting snake


Receiving dirty dishcloth

Receiving duty dishcloth

Red feather

Rapping signing

Regergatate blades

Red pot

Ripe peach tree

Receive meat from strangers

Red christmas trimming

Red christmas decoration

Roll the berrel

Roller coaster going up

Ring falling in the toilet


Repaid by deceased debtor

Repaid what was owed

Red sheep

Receiving provisions in a dream

Racks of magical clothing

Riding a trolley

Rotten pineapple


Ritual magic

Receiving biscuits in a dream

Round scar

Rising from a coffin

Running away from invading forces

Running from a savage army

Running stomach



Red chalk

Roza mubarak

Rude man

Recurring lost

Ranch resort

Ranch hotel

Receiving ghee from someone in dream

Returning jewelry



Receiving a ride

Receiving gift of gold chain from dead mother in law in my dream

Receiving gold from dead mother in law

Red living room

Riding in car with dead people you knew


Received a wrist watch from a dead person

Run over

Red patent leather box corner

Receiving turmeric powder ball woman in dreams

Receiving perfume from dead father

Ripe caca in a tree

Ripe cacao fruit in its tree

Running away from niece

Recovery stolen items thief


Ran over somebody

Renewing vows with ex husband

Reptile head

Red nose fox

Reciving herbal leaves in dteam

Ruby earings

Red peony petals

Riding a red bicycle

Riding a road bicycle in a dream

Receiving black cake

Roasted yam and palm oil in a dream

Ripe breadfruit.


Red henna means

Red henna

Royal princess

Rejecting money from a man

Removing a razor blade inside my mouth


Row jackfruits

Rusting iron

Right hand itchy

Red smoothie

Rusted latch opening using oil in dream

Receiving cheques

Recieving new sarees

Recharge to someone free

Re-doing college

Replacing doors

Rejected proposal

Red night shirt

Rice husk

Rotton pork

Receive slippers as a gift


Roof of the mouth devolving

Recovery from cancer

Receiving gold rings

Roasted flesh


Red cross tatoo


Royal family

Rice farm in a dream

Ringworm on skin dream

Romans 10:9-10  that if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the lord jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that god hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. for with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. action prayer: lord jesus, forgive me today as i repent unto you and let my heavens, be opened, in jesus name.

Roundnuts in a bucket


Receiving yam as a gift

Rat turning to cat

Renovation by strangers


Receiving haldi kumkum and red saree in dream

Red bordered saree

Running and falling off cliff

Recieve electric bill

Red white bangles i dream

Running in the beautiful street

Receiving a wristwatch

Rabbit and 2 white fox



Ridged gourd

Red ribbon

Red ribbon around a neck

Road of heaven

Receiving gifts from the president of the united states

Riding around in a car as a passenger

River turn

Riding in a jeepney with my husband and son on the front seat and we crashed on a truck

Raped by someone you know

Roots growing in feet

Roaming around a building

Resuscitation someone

Received a gift of palm wine.

Receiving two gold bangles

Rosary from a ex who died

Raining salt

Reunited with an old friend.

Receiving jackfruit

Rice falling from a height

Roll over of a car accident

Receiving money from the envelope



Road work

Red cloak devil worshipper fighting me




Riding a bike down steep hill

Riding down steep hill

Round room

Red cat

Received a new wrapper

Receiving information from beyond

Receiving a holy quran

Ramp in the parking lot


Rice spilled

Receiving onions as a gift

Royal albert china

Rap battles

Ripe plainain

Recieve 2 sack of rice

Rashes body baby

Rashes in body of baby

Roommate naked

Red rash on a friend

Red spots on friends skin

Removing thorn from finger

Removing stones

Running in a race

Rock building

Reckless driving

Riding bicycle with dead mother

Ramayana dream

Red nail polish

Rubbing white powder in my dream

Re birrying some one means

Run-down house

Receiving raw pork meat as gift

Receive fufu in a dream

Rogue wave

Rain in a house

Rich lady dressing very poor

Rotten coconut in dream


Rows of white flowers

Red pouch

Receive a button

Red dot

Recurring role

Rooster dead

Receiving cheque from brother

Raw meat octopus

Recieving money


Received red and green bangles from guy

Rongoli in dream

River of gold flowing

Receiving an open envelop from my husband

Rodent escape from be captured in a dream

Red sperm

Red and white wolf

Red round blanlet

Raising mountains

Red eyes in a dream

Red eyes on a dream

Returning to high school

Recover a lost phone

Relative is half body image

Red nail polish on my boyfriend

Receiving coconut in dream

Riding a scooter


Refusing to sell yam to you in the market

Receiving cup cake in dream


Raw cassava

Rice field

Red panda

Red monster truck

Rainbows that are black

Rejecting a relationship

Redwood forest

Rats water

Receving lassi from someone


Replanting a truck from a fallen palm tree

Release coconut in dark water sea

Release cocnut in dark water sea

Roof sheet

Receiving lei

Running from waves and fire with too much luggage

Red chillies powder

Rag foll

Red evening gown

Rotten soursop

Row boat looking for someone

Reciving peck on the head in the dream

Red bracelet

Receive a wide legs pants in a dream meaning and interpretation

Red chair

Riding a tricycle through the high school

Rat becomes a spider

Receiving gifts from your dad

Receiving church money

Recieved green cardamom

Ricefield muddy


Rising upto the sky

Rubbing my vigina agains my sister inlaws

Rooting roof collapse ants nest

Running away from ex in a pub

Roasted cocoyam in a dream

Roested cocoyam in a drea

Red stone in dream

Roasted corn

Receive fabric

Ram and sky


Running for safety

Restraind by a bad angel

Rash like necklace

Rash on the neck

Relaxer in hair

Rose apple

Retaking sound barriers

Raped abandoned polic s

Red walls

Received dal in dream

Red gold clothing

Receiving wrapper in the dream from someone

Refuse to lend money

Red cap dream

Rattan coils

Receiving dirty coins

Refusing to eat

Remembering a lady named zeba

Red crayfish in a dream

Red and yellow

Reckless behaviour




Rice soup


Rabbit with wings

Red chevel

Red cheval

Rosted plantain

Rearranging artwork

Running and clapping to avoid wild animals in the forest

Running in the middle of forest while clapping to avoid wild animals

Running amidst animals

Refuse to get married

Red tissue

Robotic cops


Receiving fish.

Rescue a baby

Receiving fish from someone.

Rubbing cream in the dream

Recurring dream of hotel and water

Rubbing oil on face means in a dream

Rubbing oil on fce mens in a dream

Red eyes

Raw maize means without boiling

Rain cutter



Running away from fire clouds paralyzed legs scared but ok

Received a check from someone you

Received a check

Removing extra skin growth

Receiving turmeric,cocunut and kumkum | dream

Receiving lemon in my dream

Running away from

Receiving fish with curd in dream

Ripe jackfruit on the tree

Rush to catch a plane

Running late for a plane

Running and falling over hill

Refusing shakeing hands with me

Riding on a train

Returning the hair assesories

Running away hiding

Removing broccoli from bed

Red chilli tree

Receiving grounding in a dream

Roly poly on me

Received silver cloth in the dream means

Racism and prejudice

Ripping tongue out

Receiving new phone and bible in a dream means what

Red hair on baby

Red worms

Removing weeds in dream at end finding eating fruits

Rain inside home

Religius saint



Riding bicycle

Receiving watch in a dream

Raptile in water full dish

Red clown nose


Rock in the sky

Running chasing and want to masturbate

Removing splinter from hand

Red bandana

Receive groundnut from somebody in the dream

Red and white beads in a dream

Removing jiggers from the feet in dream

Red boat


Red roses


Running from lions, tigers

Round peg square hole

Recieving sugar apple

Red little girl that is swinging a purse

Red balloon

Rice rangoli seeing in the dream

Riding in convertible car

Ring marraige

Red pants in

Rating panner

Repairing old sandals

Robbed a gold biscute

Rebuking devil

Roasting nuts

Red cloak

Red. chili

River and lakes

Removing my husbands shoes

Running away from ex boyfriend

Rotten leg

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Dream Bottom Image