Mom affair

My boyfriend sucking my breast

Mixing doughnut with akpu


Meaning of panga in a dream

My sister cooking

My sister cooling

My house sliding down the hill

Moyher having sex with his son

Meaning broken microphone

My deceased ex-husband is providing a feeling of intimate closeness wanting to touch me or kiss me

Meaning of plucking ebelebo phone

Meaning of ebelebo fruit in english

Meeting alternate versions of yourself

Moths ate my underwear

My own funeral dream

Misspelling your own name

Meeting bf family

My dead mother had cut her hair made me scream

Meaning of eating beans with a spoon in the dream

My dreams my sister giving birth a baby

My sister law pregnant and with a girl

Mopani worm

Moon fell from sky



My girlfriend wear apron in my dreams


Motorcycle parts

Metal shelves

Mom bleeding from eyes

Mom possessed

Mom turned head around

Mouth full of nails

Mouth full of hammer nails


Money messages

Mene mene tekel ufarsin

My karma is completed

Makna mimpi jika kita bertemu dengan seorang wanita yang memakai pakaian serba emas saat hamil

Missing graduation ceremony

Making selroti by mom in dreams

Moon skull spider

Mind games

Making love with hijra

Maid of honor

Mosquito bites

Mother has sex with son


Moving road

Makoti dream

Mothers ovary surgery

Microwave cat

Meaning of new zinc

Meeting of people


Mattress burning

Meaning of washing dishes under a tank stand

My crush proposing


My mom is always cooking in my dreams

Muddy path

Many beds

Many made beds in different rooms

My daughter buried with her head out

Made shift house


My helpers complaining


Mothers fur coat

Mothers purse

Mass killings

Magnetic black and white interpretation

Message on phone

My son got a haircut

Mildew spots

My ex boyfriend kissing my neck

Myself again my family were at camp meeting for church services in my dream

Mangalyam dream

Mom wearing a old garment

Moving mug

Men with big bellies

Marroon saree as a gift

Melon bought

Meaning if dreaming mopane worms


Meaning of seeing a basket of fufu in dream

My best friend shy on me

Mans hina dyed feet

Meaning of snake in dreams

My friend being shy to me

Meaning of cutting sugarcane in a dream

My husband did second marriage, in the dream

Maggots eating all other worms

My husband got injured after bike accedent

Meeting my unborn grandchild

My sister was raped

My blood was sucked out


Man taking my pistol from my holster

Military truck exploding


Missing fifth finger

Mulitple planets

Marrying an old friend of the same sex

Mouse in the sea

Making photocopies of my ex is

My wife having sex with an ex friend of mine

My child committed suicide

Moth mouth

My dead mother slaps me

My dead grandfather arrested but not taken in


My deceased brother dropped me off at the he wrong brown house


Making jam

Meaning of white handkerchife from a dead friend

Mummified fetus

Missing teenage boy

My husband doing second marriage

Meeting a rich person from your past

Meaning of husband going abroad

Miniature people twins

Meaning if someone is saying to make roti for him and came to you

Millets on the ground

Millets on the groung

Man having sex with goat

Melon seed

Milking a hard of buffalow

Male chicken

Mud on staircase

Meaning of fishes in a dream

Meaning of mortar and pistil in dream

Moving earth

Most beautiful place in the world

My freind developed an eating disoder

Meaning of disposingsanitary pad

Meaning of bitter kola


Middle aged female assasin

Meaning of sweet offering by dear uncle

Meaning of calabash in dream

Milk given by dead person

My niece had chicken pox on her face

Mangalamukhi indream



Meaning of timekeeper

My deceased brother told me in a dream i was timekeeper

My husband cheating on me with a man

My husband sucking a mans penis

Men with three legs

My late father wearing dirty clothes

My late mother was asking me water to drink

My phone falling in the toilet

Mom wash clothes in the river

Meaning of cassava leave in a dream

Meaning of transparent snake in dream

My child mastubating in my dream

My diamond it wedding ring is loose

Mice on drinking glass

Mountainside slipping away


Mornings leaves


Mum sex with son

Mixed elemented road

Murder and getting caught

Motor vehicle accident


Minor car crash


My own naked corpse

My own naked dead body

My body being stolen

Milkman dies in accident on road

Meaning of kitchen tong seen in the river in my dream meaning

Man being possessive over me

My dead father giving me money in a dream what does it mean?

Making jalebis

Marrying into a rich family


Meaning of pounding palm fruit inside a mortal in a dream


Meaning of palm red oil

My child swept away by fast flowing river and me jumping in

Messy area

My dead father gave me kolanut to pray in my dream

Married young girl

My father gave me kolanut to pray in my dream


Melon for egusi

Mobile home repossessed

Monk rove

Monster chasing you

Monster trying to kill you

Makeup friend

Makeup freimnd

Mince meat

Mountains full of dark pink flowers

Milling rice means



Main gate of house broken

My boyfriend asked me water in my dream

Mealie meal over your head means

Mason jar of water


Moths in my mouth

Meaning of receiving money from the president


Milk boiling

Moving furniture

Meaning of ube in the dream

Meaning of seeing tokoloshe

Malta tree

Mother in red dress

Mother smiling red dress

Myna bird talking

Mahi mahi

Molds in bucket

My brother is betrayed with his friend

Mode in bath bucket

My daughter had a baby

My boyfriend pay lobola for me in dream

Meaning of dream sto niño


My boyfriend gets shot 3 times

Manic attack

Mute person

Meanin of a naked dead body in a church building in a dream

My boyfriend gave me clothes pegs in my dream


Meaning of pieces of broken calabash in the dream

Meaning of frames in a dream

Meaning of giving some one fried groundnut and garri in the dream

Meeting a pastor

Mouse freedom

Marrige meaning

My friend was taller than me


Misses wedding ceremony

Misses walk

Misses to walk in aisle during wedding

Mother combing knots from hair

Meaning of pen running out of ink

Many crocodiles

Mechanical wall opening

Moth hole woollen shawl

Mom wearing my shirt


Meaning of stock fish in a


Marrying for secondtime

Mashed potatoes

Melting face

My long hair

Marriage stopped

Meaning of drop kola nut on granded

Meeting you role model

Making dungcake

Magical silver beads

Making rangoli in dreams

Meaning of dream about dog bitch periods

Man trying to kidnap me

Man trying to inject me

Mangal sutra

Misssing cooking pot

Meaning of chasing someone with cutlass in a dream

Mad woman in my room

My mailbox was singing as i opened it to get mail

My dead father gave me money in a dream

My dead father gave me money in a dream to pay offering

Meaning of borehole in dream

Mother who is already dead

Many black bugs in a sack of rice

Man in tuxedo talking to you in your dream

Message from deceased brother

Moringa dreams meaning

Moringa tree burning

Meaning of a dream that someone is giving you your pictures


My best friends hated me

Moving objetes

My cousin is pregnant in my dream

Massaging the legs of your dead father

Meaning of a woman sucking a mans penis

Manta ray attacks

Meaning recieving tax

My son wearing a dress

Multiple girlfriends

Mute girl

Mute child

Meeting old friend at golden gate bridge

My car, cannot find it

Meaning of seeing grasscutter in the dream


My skin had a hole and i could see layers

Meaning of spear grass in the dream

My daughter was rapped

Meaning of buying afang in a dreams

Meaning of buying afang in a dreams

Meaning of refusing to contribute money in the dream

Meaning of wearing nysc uniform in dream

My wife as the chosen one

Meaning of a floral dress

Metal bed

Metal matress

Muthi in my gate

Man paying bride price in a dream

Married a lesbian

Massive black spiders

Meaning of breaking melon egusi seeds in the dream

Make-up in dream

Miniature lion dying

Mating donkeys



Mustard oil bottle


My arms were made out of fishscales

Man whispering in ear

Mama and baby spider swimming in water

Mending shoe

My dog killing and eating a snake

Missing absent genitals

Meaning of crossing a heavy erosion with a friend in the dream


Meaning of the dream jumping over the streams of water

Molar tooth sex

Meaning of tolled

Meaning of catching a cock in a dream for slaughter

Man defiling a girl child


My child was buried alive

Marrying mother

Man ejaculating on friend face

My 2 brothers fighting

My 2 brothers fighting to

Meaning of bitter yam in a dream

Money plant tree

Married to a celebrity

My son eating minced meat in a dream with his hands

Manipulated by a therapist

Manipulated by a health professional

Mother kills father

Many chapatis in a dream

My ring finger in right hand got chopped off

Meaning of driving napep


My late father smoking in my dream

Meaning of two pencils in the dream

Meaning of ahusband sleeping with a maid in a dream

Meaning of a dream of a husband having sex with a maid

Me flying


Middle finger nail splitting

Man using crutch

Misquote bite

Mattress with springs

My aunt is in casket andmoving. we are not close.

Mixed race

Meaning of cassava in the dream


Mittens gift

Meaning og applying kajal in own face in dream

Meaning of prophetess in the dream


Meaning of washing vagina in a water hose

Muddy dog

Meaning of someone asking you for money in a dream


Meaning of wolf puppies with third eye

My dead grandmother giving me sweets

Meaning of eating boil eggs in dreams

Missing of old saree

Marbled falling down

Madman trying to hug me in a dream and i ran away and he followed to hug me again

My boyfriend is playing trumpet

My perfume makes someone sick

Meat going bad

Mum admitted to hospital

Mum ill

Mum becoming seriously ill

Miniature animals floating on water

Married girl wearing white saree

Married girl [email protected]=

Meaning of cream shoes in the dream

Meaning of seeing cream shoes

Meaning of cream color in the dream

My junior sister appear with hairs on her chest

Meaning of uprooting cassava in a dream

Many gnats around seafood

Military jet

Man with half head tattoos

My sitsrer cane out from water

Make out


Meaning to pluc and eat garding egg

Meeting long distance friend

Mom sick

Mother says how can you get married withouy me

Mattress flooded

My and my fiance was passing by then i saw alot of pepper fruit then i start to pick it and put in my dress ,my fiance climb the tree and pick some colanut or pepper fruit gave a man that was with us some fruit,when we were about leaving i saw some fresh okro but refuse to pick it was there were dirty,the man as me to give him my pepper fruit then i woke up

Married a dead boss

Meaning of the dream about havesting ground nuts

Moonlit path

Me steak

Man without a shirt

My mother was vex

My sister in law

Mother traveling together


Meaning of picking designed gravels in the dream

Melted shoes

Meaning of washing fresh groundnuts in a dream

Meaning of washing groundnuts in a dream

My dead grandmother giving me sweet

Man committing suicide

Meaning of white cowry in the dream

Mother wearing my clothes

Moving hands

Monkey flesh in dream


Mother mary medals

Murdering people in airport bathroom then being chased by police

Meaning of pestle in a dream

Me and my older sister cleaning feces of our grandmother

Manatee won’t let you out

Manatee won’t let you out of the water


Meaning of dreaming wet soil

Monk with shaved head and white robe

Monitor lizard attacking in a dream

Meaning of key holder in a dream

Monkey with wings

My ex touching my boobs

Moringa leaves

Moon turned blue

Mix people

Moving in new home

Miget on food

Meaning of combing hair out of brush and you loose a row of bristles

My own eyes

Malnourished baby in dream

My mother gave me a corn to eat in the dream

Menstrual blood coming out of a dream

Mother gave corn to eat in dream

My friends

My son had a runny nose

Metal brace around leg

Missing food

Menstra est

Meaning of yoga mat in a dream

Moments of flashing light

My father is growing skin tags on beard

Mother gave golds in dream

Mother saiking

Missing you r mother


Meaning of swimming

My dead mother standing in a nice house

Madman chasing and then trying to show me love

My grand daughter needs a rosary

My daughter needed a rosary

My husband fell into the ditch in dream

Man in stilts


Me and best friend arguing

Meaning of my dreams my husband hugging me

Menstrual blood clot coming out

Motorcycle serial number

Man’s hair made of qtips

Meaning of dream fetching plenty water

Mental blister

Moving slowly

My child was being abused

Mediterranean sea

Michael myers

Male nurse

Mixed talking animals

Meaning of buying palm oil in a dream

My breast squirting milk

Mold fufu in your hand in dream

My late father hand over money to me in the dream

Murder before coming home

Mug oven

Mud oven

Meaning of crying in the dream

Meaning of about to buy cake in the dream

Mother blessing daughter

Mustard beige color

Mother caring me on a bicycle

Mating with ex

Miniature kitten

Making sorrel leaves pickle in dream

Mole on abdomen

Man kissing nipples of man in the dream

Mesh screen

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