Fishes gift

Falling in love with someone i dont know personally

Falling in love with someone i dont know personally but seen his face in my dreams

Friend in empty pool surrounded by snakes


Fighting a cow.

Falling into jupiter

Finding 2 leather purses

Family and spiders

Frying papad in dream

Filling water in the jerrycans

Fishing hook in skin from fishing

Fish flowerhorn

Flying horse fire


Feeling your feet cold

Flowers with petals

Funeral of person who already dead

Fatty beef

Flies around a cake

Fetching water in a large basin from a tap in a dream

Fetching water in a large container in a dream

Forgetting a swimsuit

Foot of a baby

Fetching water from dead person well

Flies chasing me

Flash with loud boom

Frog tongue

Finding extra rooms in your house

Fire in stove dream

Furniture drawers opening by themselves

Flat tire phillips screw driver

Fighting with my sister in. you dream

Finding quarters on the ground in dream


Fictional killers


Fire alarms

Family member shot

Flower on vagina

Family friends

Flying with wood

Flowers coming out of vagina

Flying in dream

Fufu pounding meaning

Fall of fence

Foot wound bone

Father dieing

Fish with pointed teeth

Forgot partners birthday

Forgot husbands birthday

Female hit man in magenta trench coat

Fish hook stuck in arms

Ferry wheel

Fitting jeans

Father in the hospital ill

Filthy public bathroom

Friend waving at me

Feeding a baby milk formula

Friendly bears in backyard

Finding the same object over n over

Fire hydrent

Finding glasses

Floating bed

Fungus growing out of ankle


Fox and dog licking palms

Fox and dog licking my palms in the dream

Finding a ring on the ground

Fertile soil being displaced

Fighting with dead mother in dream

Fixing suv

Fear of getting caught

Frozen snake

French horn

Friend being pregnant

Flying crow airplane

Forgetting lines of play


Feet being moisturized

Forgetting earring in the car

Fish in a pond

Fresh soil smell



Fabric selecting

Flying to other dimensions

Forged signature

Fried plantain and eggs

Faceless people




Faces coming at you

Fist fight with a celebrity

Finding eyeshadows

Finding eyeshadow


Filling jerrycans with water in a dream

Friend died from suicide

Friend that killed herself

Friend jump into dark water

Frog jumping out off the water

Flying from trapeze to trapeze



Fruit seed

Fish sharp teeth

Falling frames from heaven

Friend entered my home without me knowing

Friend breaking into the house

Frames falling from heaven to me

Friend at home

Fail on exam

Fetching and pouring water


Fitting the bridesmaid dress

Female lion jumping off cliff as you are driving by it in a red speedboat

Fish coming out from vagina

Flippers for feet

Fox roadkill

Flooded home

Friend that died is alive



Find your stolen wallet

Finding your stolen walley

Fish one

Fish head

Flies on a friend living but id dead in the dream

Flies on a dead person

Files on a dead person


Friend named hannah

Finish a degree at college


Flexing arms



Father inlaw giving out money

Feeling cold and alone

Fought punch cops

Fresh bringle

Feeling suffocated

Fish eating human

Find gold in water

Fresh wood

Flood in classroom

Feet underwater

Four buffalo

For nails being ripped off

Family unhappy

Four buffalo breeding

Four bison breeding

Four bison

Falling items on heights

Falling meteorites

Fighting myself


Fighting with myself, followed by hugs of myself

Frog in a pot

Frog eat then leaps out of the pot

Floating insect eggs coming from the wall

Floating insect eggs

Finding beer

Father is dead

Falling down 8 steps backwards

Forgot ham

Finding document

Falling into ice

Foil in teeth

Friend flying drone


Falling off a trail

Friend being kidnapped

Fighting step mother in a dreaam

Feeding baby krishna



Fetching cooking utensils in a dream

Finding a room in a house

Friends lottery ticket

Falling backwards

Floral dress meaning

Friends who have died

Falling in road

Frog in water in a bag eaten by a lobster

Find my lost bag in the dream

Fancy car

Fucking a shemale


Fingers in butt

Family member being payed lobola for

Folk dancing

Finding out shocking news

Four black bears

Forest beast

Falling in a crack in a cliff

Falling in love with a stranger named rebecca

Finding money

Friends husband dies

Feet burning


Following husband who gets on train and leaves me behind

Fork in the road

Fight for money

Four headed black dog

Fences on farm

Friends ambushed

Friends in convoy

Forgot my moms birthday

Familiar spirit dream and meaning

Family pregnancy

Friends with benefits


Friend got married

Feet stuck to the floor

Figth’s dream

Friend visiting

Fall sky


Forklift driver

Forklift operator

Foreign army attack

Fetching water in the dream

Family member poops in his bed

Forgetting to put oil in a pan on gas leading to fire in pan and gas

Fruit leaves tree

Falling upward in an elevator

Fixing truck

Floating along a river. no boat

Failing to save someone

Face paint

Fire tear

Frying puff puff in the dream and serve people with it

Feral cat biting


Field on fire

Feet up while reclining

Frying puri in dreams what can b happen is it good

Female naked from the waist up at work

Floor hardwood

Furniture ripping


Field of white roses and snow

Flying birds chasing you

Flying demon in house

Folding tent

Flying witch

Father in casket

Frozen red snapper fish


Faeces not flush and spill on the floor

Fixing a church

Followed by a tiger

Falling into a dream from reality and it turns into your reality

Flyin high in the sky

Flyin in sky

Fork in pajama drawer

Feces of cat

Face scabs

Feral cat

Father cutting sugarcan in dream

Feta cheese and blue cheese

Feast of fruits and vegetables and salads


Friend complaining about currently relationship

Four black horses

Foreigner girl

Fox attacking an animal

Female period

Female mentration

Flying mallard ducks

Flying with mallard ducks

Fire sky

Force to marry dead relative

Finding out my close friend is being fake

Flirting with a 2headed fat lady

Full moon

Fear of being killed

Five blank sheets of paper. five or more blank sheets of paper.

Following car

First lady

Frozen baby bird

Fat woman be trampled by a moose?

Food fight with partner

Feeding baby water buffalo

Fowel bathroom

Flash and thunder

Fitting oversized shoes from a friend

Fitting shoes from a friend

Flying objects

Friend in pain

Finger pointing up

Family house collapse



File with name written on it

Father in law crying in dreams means

Fear and helplessness

Frying chips

Fucking sibling

Fucking someone

Field of purple flowers

Filthy place

Fish curry with curd in dreams

Flat tire


Fetch water

Finding money on the street

Falling over cliff

Falling over hill

Fighting with an unknown person using only my legs

Fat cat

Finding a pink cattepiller

Flat rocks

Falling into a swimming pool

Found object

Falling black smoke


Flying bin

Finding a lot of treasure


Financial planner

Falling in love with kidnapper

Falling off a tall building

Forgetting rent

Face slapping

Fighting with someone using sand in a dream

Fillings dropping out

Feet being touched by man

Forehead kiss by died father

Fetching tap water in the dream

Finding your loved ones drowning in water

Food turns black

Fair man big nose

Feather eagle

Floating in air

Flooding bridge obstacle

Flying golden chariot

Finding neice face down on face and brown ass

Father calling useless

Fishing boats setting nets

Freckle on mans belly

Fruits on father grave dream meanung

Foreplay with an enemy

Fear lions attacking


Feeling of choking

Fire far away

Frozen oranges

Fox biting my ankle

Fox and balloon

Fox and red balloon

Fish and cherubs

Fake jewelry gift

Finding large amount of gold under earth

Foreign student

Father in law showing penis

Friend face fading away

Feeding baby duck

Falling off a bike

Fish drinking water

Fish keeps on drinking the water

Friendly python double-tail

Found buried clothes

Falling into black oil

Fuzzy caterpillars

Food fights



Fresh raw chicken intenstines


Full bowl of gold coins

Falling trying to hold on and dying

Flying bear

Fetching water

Feeding a caged animal

Feeling boxed in by bed


Front door comming off hinges

Father and mother naked in the living room

Fingers deformed

False teeth with a smile

Forgot to wear head scaffto church

Forgot to wear head scaff




Foreign minister

Flying rotating in airspace

Fools gold

Frozen meats

Fire on saree

Folding laundry

Father mad with you in a dream

Fighting with some one

Flashing lights

Friend in danger

Feeling safe

Feeling safe with someone

Folk museum

Finding socks

Feeling confident

Falling in love with prince but we break up

Finding a lock of hair in food

Finding a ock of hair in fod

Forehead kiss


Folding adult clothes

French kissing


Front door too small for doorway


Folded white laundry

Father of my kids homosexual

Forgot birthday

Fight the devil

Frying paneer in dream meaning

Finding money in book

Finding 5 dollar bills

Finding 3 5 dollar bills in a book, twice

Fart withbad smell in a dream

Feeding water to dog

Fulfilling a mother wish

Fish biting my feet

Four white crosses

Falling rice

Floral pillowcase


French painting

French impreionist

Feet. legs covered with white stuff

Fish talking



Friends engagement party

Fighting with my brother

Finished growth on top of my bald head

Finding a lost kid

Fire on stove

Family gives me to nazis

Falsehood dream

Flooded basement

Finding diamonds in your dream

Falling from plane

Fat fish

Flower burns

Fucking a dead woman

Fetching water from a river pool into a bucket

Frying food in oil

Face cream on a man

Fufu pounding in dream

Falling out of love to my partner

Feet infested with flies

Fly in a helecopter

Fake friend

Food pie


Failing a sport try out

Fast train


Finding my husband

Founding new

Funeral in white

Funeral dress white

Falling curtain pole

Face starting to rip


Female with penis

Fungus on legs

Father in law-deposit here

Food disappearing in the dream


Feeling a spirit in your bed

Fairy dreams

Family photos

Family photographs

Family pictures on wall


Flower growing from my vagina

Fry food

Family reunions

Forest fire moving toward you and having no feelings

Follow behind and goes missing

Finding bacon in clothes

Fluorite crystal

Fridge baby

Financial instability

Financial instability

Falling or loose silver glitter

Finished wood furniture and interiors

Far fish

Floor full of artificial flowers

Full cowries in dream

Falling into a hole but holding on not to drop and fall down it

Female sucking my breast in the dream

Finding coins, father in hospital with secret, sister gets assalted, lost hotel restaurant

Father’s tomb empty

Flowery print skirt means

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