Burnt house

Burnt down house

Beeing welcomed

Bear footed


Blackberries coming out my nose

Baby backseat

Biting lip off

Bindi falling

Bird after giving birth

Backbone shrine

Blue plaid shirt

Blue glass bangles

Ben franklin

Being friends with a kpop idol

Being back in high school

Bite off head

Beating my brother in the dream


Being wrapped up, trying to get up

Bus drove in dirty water

Black widow

Bopaya dreams

Buying chocolate in dream while pregnant


Bitter kola being given to someone

Boiled egg peered

Blue earthen pots

Blue earthen pot with plants

Bold patches

Burning nose

Boiled egg and peered meaning

Buying shoes for someone

Blisters in hand

Breaking stone

Box of bananas

Big frog eating

Big goats with big horns




Breaking of egusi in a dream

Breaking kolanut

Being on an airplane

Baby foot

Beat someone to death

Beef with potato and rice


Banyan tree

Black flowers of

Backhug to boyfriend

Backride motor

Backride with boyfriend

Blue tin filled with water

Big waves from ocean

Blue barrel filled with water

Blue drum

Bilva leaves

Becoming a witch

Bitter kola

Being pressured to vote

Belly dancer

Bringing food for my family

Black spot on leg

Burlap ring

Buying palm fruit in your dream

Being electrocuted

Black cat jumping over u

Black cat jumping over the top of u

Beautiful beach

Being given moccasins

Boiled chicken

Boyfriend standing in the middle of a kraal

Being held down by anime character that is in love with me

Burning my cell phone

Black sword fish

Boyfriend was gay

Being a killer

Borrowing a shirt

Blood on floor

Bleeding ears

Brown and white color of a sheep means in islam

Brown and white color of a sheep means

Beheading a pig in a dream

Black fox

Being on a rollercoaster

Black face with white body


Basketball hoop getting smaller

Broken memory card

Brother auicide

Breaking fluorite

Bag of snakes

Being told to get in my coffin at my own funeral

Brother killed by sudden gunshot

Broken toilet

Black bird touching me

Bath tub overflow

Becoming the oppisite sex

Black blood

Brown pants

Bracing myself from falling

Bathing with a dead person

Beating a thief.

Been slaughtered in a dream

Being on a train

Broken neck of love one

Breaking free

Buying meat from a dead person in dream

Breaking of palm kernel

Buying eugsi seed in market in dream

Baby vomitting

Busy crowd

Black pears in the dream can it mean pregnancy

Bucket full of roundnuts

Being pined under a car

Being pinned under a car

Baby krishna saw in dreams

Buying bitter kola means

Buying bitter kola in dream means

Big castle above the clouds crystal clear water with stepping stones, and flying angels

Burning of eucalyptus tree in dream

Becomea faith healer

Black mustang car

Bed shaking

Boot falling onto cooker

Boot falling onto job

Butterfly with cocoon




Brother dream


Butterfly garden

Bathroom counter suddenly cracked in half

Bloody stones coming out if vagina

Beautiful female body naked

Black licorice

Broken two birds eggs

Biblical meaning of transparent snake in dream

Bad entity disquised as childhood friend

Bitten by a spider

Blinking light bulb

Breach of house of family

Brother cloths wearing

Being asked to not return to church

Boil full and f maggots in my ear

Boil in my ear

Being served a chicken heart


Brass utensil

Birth gift wrap

Broken retainer

Buffalo pasta

Bathroom line


Bachelor party

Bachelor party

Buying seafood

Buying egusi in market meaning

Bugs on bathroom floor

Buying of palm oil and groundnut oil

Birds wearing pants

Baby parrots

Baby diaper poop on me

Boy demon


Burning train

Big dark empty room except i was in bed in the furthest corner. and the door is open just enough for them to state

Brazil nut

Box falling from sky with pictures of mom

Box falling from sky

Blind golden retriever

Burning pants in a dream

Barbeque chicken

Borrowing shoes

Buying tomatoes in a dream


Being a passenger in a car with a friend and stranger

Black thong

Bitter tomatoes

Buying a man a calabash

Been transferred to another work place

Black dustpan

Baby in basket moving on stream

Boss cleaning

Buying palm oil in the dream meanings

Building painted blue

Blue building


Burned tongue

Burning old garbage

Bloody nose dead mother

Buying ewedu in my dream


Black seed

Blood clots coming out of my vagina

Boiling of pears

Beating my wife with my hand in a dream

Biblical meaning of dreaming a whirlwind

Black bulture


Bird hitting me in the eye

Blue door dreams me

Bill gates

Black and orange bird

Black figure giving a gift

Bleeding underarm



Bloody handprint on a couch

Bladeless hilt

Being lost in a city

Black sunglasses worn by an ex in a dream


Been leaf

Buying blue car

Buying a cow in dream

Brother caught husband cheating




Baby yoda

Baby today

Broken handle

Being shown the past

Broken crystals & gemstones

Black bird dying

Being ambushed

Broken automobile grill

Busted lip

Being caned by my former teacher

Bridal churaa

Break fast unitentionally in dream

Breaking of earthen urn in shamshaan

Being given water leaf in a dream

Breastfeeding triplet boys

Booming thunder and close lightning

Bloody attack

Black eye

Bare breast i cut out a what seemed a small tag that was inserted just below the nipple

Blue tit sitting on my hand

Bare breastfed just a face of a man i detest was sucking on my nipple i lashed out beat him in the face violently and swore at him continuously


Bart simpson

Bloddy meat

Bathing in a dirty room

Broken mans rib 4

Big party

Burning phone



Being pampered

Breaking and eating palm kernel in dreams means what

Brigade means dream

Boyfriend giving me red sari meaning

Black rod iron and water

Buying a kantili

Buying a kanitili

Baby have rashes in dream

Breaking all of the things around you

Bridesmaid dress

Birds escaping a cage dream meaning

Big fig trees

Bathing in the public

Bugs everywhere in the house

Blue prism crystal sexual

Buying kenkey

Boyfriends friend penis

Being in a shooting

Bathing in public with clothes on , spiritually it means

Bad animal spirit

Bad spirit through an animal

Baseboards in a bathroom

Being degraded by husband


Black pen


Being gifted a new wrist watch


Brushing dandruff out of a strangers hair

Birds in water

Being crushed by something

Buying of frozen fish and chicken

Brother drunk driving

Baby buffalo

Bag of pistachio


Buddha’s hand

Buddha- hand-silvermagical

Burnt money

Blind snake turns into blind dog

Burning building with people jumping

Bbq smell

Beating mother in a dream

Beating mother in a dream

Butterd toad

Boardroom and a save

Blood banana

Buying a catfish

Being a harpy

Being a

Bridal shoe

Brown and white handkerchief

Boat capsized

Boat capsize

Black smoke fire

Big shiny silver pot with lid

Buying of kolanut in the dream

Buying paraffin

Black thunderbird

Blue doors

Beautiful sea shells

Boyfriend in bed with another woman & man

Bright sunlight

Bison breeding

Broken key reader


Big whole butternut

Baby choking and dies

Breaking of melon

Beheaded pigeon

Basketball jersey

Basketball unifotm

Beached submerien

Breaking false teeth


Body inspection

Breaking chair

Broken photo of ur god

Bright northstar

Broken cage


Book of death

Bobcat eating rabbit

Black cow running towards me


Being a caterer

Black body parts

Breaking of a teapot

Beating someone what does dat play

Bent door knob


Baby pram

Bitten by a snake in water

Broken instrument

Blue apples


Bed bugs stuck on vagina

Blood out of vagina

Big toe fell off

Bottle lids

Brushing corpse teeth

Bursting corpse teeth

Bathing with feaces

Bathing in water that has feces

Brand new underwear


Black dragon boat in water

Black snake

Being pregnant and escaping danger

Being ridculed

Bird into women


Buffalo meat

Baby falling out of bed

Best friend attacking me

Body explode

Being horny in the dream meaning

Being lust after

Banshee flying

Broken god statue in a dream

Been accused of killing someone

Bus with no money

Buying iru in the dream

Black eyed girl

Buying chin-chin in a dream

Broken rabbit leg foot

Bat hanging upside down looking at you

Bunker cave

Biting off some one finger

Bitinb off someone finger

Brewing beverage

Brewing beverage

Brewing cool drink

Brewing cool drink



Being taken advantage of

Box of magic

Burning cargo ship

Breeding animals

Being given fish

Broken wristwatch in dream

Beautiful tourist spot

Being sucke into a vortex



Bloated friend at funeral

Brass bowl


Baby girl with penis

Black and red card

Being sprayed with a hose

Bird sleeping in nest

Breastfeeding my baby by husband

Blistered skin

Big white spider entangled on lace dress

Baby trapped

Bird long feathers

Bas de lètre

Being kiled

Buying ogbono seed in dream

Black liquid in mouth

Brother having sex

Black shepherd dog

Blue tit

Boyfriend hot glued my hair

Buy a bag of water

Big building

Bed wetting

Being given yellow candles

Blackjack sticking on clothes

Broken sai baba idol

Burying meat

Birhen s lourdes

Backseat of car

Black food in dream


Buying food stuff in the market in a dream

Baby brother

Bugs pouring out of my mouth

Birthday celebration meaning


Bones of nan discovered in the garden

Breastfeeding my grandson

Being able to fly above the dream

Bride price negotiation

Blood clots coming out of vaginal

Bicycle lock

Being a second wife

Black smoke

Breast milk

Break something


Buying red palm oil in a dream

Breaking of kolanut and one fall down

Burning skirt

Blue shirt with white stripes

Blood eye

Burning my tongue in a dream

Bird with huge wings

Bruising of face of deceased person


Bursing of face of deceased person

Bag of groceries

Boyfriends friend

Bees in ground

Black toilet paper

Broken necklace

Being touched inappropriately by a stranger


Being followed by baby animals

Being friends with a celebrity

Bought a coffin

Blue herring

Beth touched me

Bleeding with clots

Broke in

Bright flash of light

Blue lion simbol

Buying a mat in a dream

Bring crushed by something

Boyfriend sleeping on separate beds

Burglarized on vacation

Being chased and you cant run because your feet are heavy

Bloodied water in a dream



Being outside the church dream

Buying tamarind

Being told i love you

Broken glass shards

Bruise on chest


Big sword

Basel pots

Being deflowered

Biting fish heads

Black and white feather

Being nudged in a dream

Big gap in a door

Being with a corpse

Being lost someplace

Broken broom stick meaning in african belief

Broken broom stick meaning

Broken foot rabbit

Black casserole

Basketball court

Bumped into a car

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