A group of boys

A young teenaged boy

Alarm of theft

Asleep in bed when i discover i’m dead , family member tries to lead me away

A and w


Angel fish


Anniversary ring

Amimal head


A woman singing

Attacked by mosquitoes

Arguing with niece

Are you yesha

Ash gourd cutting in temple dreams meaning

Ash gourd cutting in temple

A one lane bridge ahead

African doll curse


A dream when my former boss is washing my feet

Adopting a deaf dog

Adultery jung interpretation

Aghori dancing dream



Applying turmeric on feets

Attempt to steal a bag

As softly as a dream meaning

A man sucking my breasts

Applying ointment to unknown male legs

Alphabet inside your hand

A man with both legs amputated

Angry man in church congregation

Assorted meat


Awakening of death person visiting

A rental house

A man sucking my breast in dream

A small flood


Attending in marriage

Attending my lobola


Axe cut

A guy sucking the thumb of my feet

A guy sucking the thumb of my feey

A ring falling off your finger

Adam sandler

All kinds of grains falling from sky

Attacked by horse

An x lover giving you a black bag with gifts

A dream where im holding a cup of samp


Adult, girl, child, bald mean

Acting in play

A road of heaven on the sky dream



A woman sees her hair long and beautiful



Already pilled egusi

Acting and photoshoot

A person you never met


Angry lion in the street




A dead white and rust colored bird laying on its back

About to have a meal with friends

Accidentally catching jacket sleeve on fire in dream

A man wearing saree

Always missing school bus

Arguing with a girl



An ex

Anubis drinking my blood


A gap in teeth

A semi trailer truck crashing all around me but not hurting me

Ambushed by someone else

Automobile grill

Arka flower


A woman seeing cricket bat in her dream

Agidi in dream

A whitchetty grub was twirling around in my food

A friend eating pannier

Animal fancy dress costume

Applying haldi and kumkum on my forehead

A royal blue wedding dress

A black white stripes

A black fkag white stripes

A ticking clock, light from the clock and jesus filled the room

Animal eating baby animal

Anubis trys to seduce me

Amarraige dream meaning

Angry big mongoose

Aisle walking

Animal rights

Am driving emty ambulance in dream means what



Animals mating

A girl whispering in my ear to meet her outside


Accidentally kill dog

A corpse buried but head remain unmarried dream

Altar on fire


A small garden

A beautiful red bird talking to me

A cow was chasing me

A snake surrounded by 2 alligators & 2 white pit bulls

A tree going up in flames

A young owl fluttering up and down

A friend flirts with me

African face paint


Attacked by pink snake


Artwork being stolen from your home

A white floating pillow

Ancient burial ground

Airplane exploding in sky

A women dreaming being bitten by a snake in the water

A rooster in your dream that is dead

Arts and craft

A house half flooded

A stolen veil

Accidentally killing animals

Accidentally killimg animals

About neighbor

Anal raped

Aple pie

An enemy with a loved one

About dead aunt gifting ne a bracket



A positive pregnant


Asking my dad permission to eat

Alcoholic anonymous

A horse with an broken leg

Another person carrying a lantern

Aluminium mattress

A vitiligo dream

A bad hanging upside down looking at you

A bat looking at you hanging upside down

A person killing everyone and then coming for you

Allison 26

Archtupal dream

Animals in cages

Animals in captivity near homes

A person bleeding from ear in a dream


A deceased women talking to you

Amla tree in dream

A big white spider entangled ion the back of a white lace dress

Atul qursi

Animal eat leaves in tree


Arrow at the traffic light

Apple eating


Amarula dream

A person killing everyone and then coming for you and you are locked in a room

An african american baby

Amaphupho ngomemulo

A glass broken on my hands

Amaphupho ngomoba

A baby alling in a pit in a dream

A purse filled with pencils

A woman drinking her breast milk


Angels carrying a baby

A dogs semen

Apple scent

A woman killing a man

A large beautiful emerald

Abandona house

A closed building

Ants coming out of eye

Ancient languages

A famous celebrity gave me money in dream

Asking new saree

A cobbler throwing your shoe in a dream

A stranger dying violently

Aviary collapse

Aviary roof collapse

A dog chased me in a dream

A dog chasing me

An ex coming to pay lobola

Almost getting shot


Applying sandelwood paste

Artificial grass in a dream mean

Artificial insemination

Aghori baba holding me

A man caressing your head

Attend occasion in dream

A strange women in shroud trying to kill

Attacking midgets

A roll of paper towels




A friend waving in my dream

Age of death

A car blew up

A car blew up in front of my children and i

A good harvest of cocoyam in a dream

Asking sezier to friend in dream

Asking sezier

A lamb

A friend gives money

A dream ofswiming

Arm grabbed my shoulder

Angry black carabao

Axe murder

A woman on her period


Also odi loju ala itumo

Angry camel

A miniature pink elephant follows me around

A dead tree


Anaconda killing warthog

Ascend stairs

Aloevera plant

Arrested for late to curfew


Ayatul kursi in dream

Army base

A big mam in white with black face



A horse and a pig

An injured friend

A double cab bakkie

A pregnant person

Athena older black hair

Aliens entering home

A pregnant woman receiving a gift in the dream

A pregnant woman dreaming of gifting two pair of shoes from someone


A dead person with a bottle in his hand

A woman wearing red lipstick

A cat killing a bunny

Always visiting embassy in the dream

A dog sucking breast in my dream means what

Aghori, baba, in the dream

Asma ul hasna

Alien test



Ants coming out of the vagina

A baby boy walking for the first time and happy


Alligator biting feet

A hand wave

A chair moving by itself

Aqua dress

Attained christian crusade in dream

Animals fighting

A girl with 2 belly buttons

Allahs name in the clouds

Allahs name in tge clouds

Ants in your purses

A loved one fading away


Ancient symbols

A child screaming for mother help


Attempted burglary

Airplane bomb

A dog biting my arm

A daughter father died

Am in back of motorcycle



Aghori scolding me in dream

A man touching a vagina

Ape friendly

A house with narrow stairs, doors and windows

Abandoned mansion

A dirty room in a hotel


Arm cannot move

Arm paralysis

Ants eating plants




Ate a fish tank of jello

Animal face human

A loved one who has lost weight

A a love one who has list weight


Agidi means what in a dream

A bucket with black paint


Am inside car

A recurring sitation well he was alive

Alligator in front of closed doors

Alliagator infrony of doors




Abusive ex boyfriend


A deamon moving furnature evrytime my back was turned

A deamon moving fur nature evrytime my back was turned


A handful of coins handed by grandfather to granddaughter

A church that had been destroyed by fire

Animal with brown changing eyes


Ancestor eating

Ancestor eating fruit

A deceased pastor kisses you

A man dream he was sucking my breasts

Attend puberty function

A white small dog

Airplane table

A sexual dream about a relative

Asking a women to leave

Attack on titan dream

Asking some for identification

Ama2000 download mp3

A dream picking clothes in a rubbish pit

An abundance of empty gallon water jugs in the passenger seat of a car

Amputate feet

Accused of stealing

Almost bitten by bright blue snake



Ant farm

Accepting jewels from dead mother in law


Axe in the hand

Ace in the hand

At wedding


A palm kernel was given to me in the dream

Attacked by a chameleons

Attention seeking in dream

Altar destroyed

A check in a dream



Amputated handa

A man under a lampost


A lot of daddy long leg spiders

A dog sucking a breast of a man


An angry ghost entering my body

A budgie trying to fly and being unable to and falling on the floor

A budgie trying to fly and falling down instead

Addressing envelopes

A playful puppy

A wooden rod in front of my shop dream mean

A wooden rod on the floor dream mean

Argue with sister in-law

Angry about breaking something


A relation giving clothes to wear

A dream of having sex

Awake a dead person


An old doctor of my dropped and seizures in front of me

Arguing with brother in law and fighting with an ax

A deacon wearing a floor mat

Actor football high school music nostalgia

Adult toys

As generous as a dream

A big snake tied up and triggered to go out in his her tied


A person gives a kajal box to apply

A child is trying to kill me

A black guinea pig

A dead loved one waved at me in visitation dream

Air plane flying through a storm

Avocado seed

Avocado seed

Avoiding puddles with socks

A perfect body

Argue with a pastor ovee sex

Airplane wings

A witch spit on me


A dead president visited me and my family in a dream. he stayed for three days in my newly built mighty house. his supporters came to the house to meet him. prayed for him. i was excited a president had come to stay with me

At an entryway

A dead president visited me and my family. stayed for three days. his supporters invaded my newly built mighty house to see him and prayed for him. house


Armpit with clot

A broken statue of black nazarene

Attacked during sex


Adult daughter bad behavior has to leave high school

An enemy rolling in a dream

Applying cream on my leg

Ants eating dead lizard

An ill sister gives you jewelry

Alot of snakes

A lady wearing coloreful sari in dreams mean

Accepting a gift of underwear from a dead relative

Adream of watching ahora movie

Applying turmeric on my palm

Applying turmeric on my wound

All-girls school


Art teacher

Alum stone is given by god

Arriving early



A scornful dream

Aunts breast

African tribe

A tooth falling out

Abandant raw meat



Adult child ill

An older half sister

A man is sucking a penis another man in dteam

Another child

A broken cellphone battery

Adopting a child

Actual events

A woman wanted something from me

Arranging wrapper in the dream

A women with metal in her mouth

Albino alligator

Accused of something you didn’t do

Are you here


A big black bee

Animal sanctuary

Able to fly high above the trees

Ayatul kursi


At base of crumbling cliff

African salad dream meaning

Aarti in dream

Aghori helping me

Animal chasing me


Angry carabao chasing me


Account loan

Attack by tiger

A snake swallows your baby



A feeling of something passing through me and people vanish

A demonic attachment

A large owl and a cat waiting to talk to you

A large owl and a cat staring at you in a dream

A bee stuck in your hair

A fox chasing me and wanting to causes harm

Accidentally killing someone in dream

Adult children as babies

Attacked by a dog

Affair pregnancy

Attacked in a dream

Armpit haor

Animal having sex with baby

A fly in my ear

Amethyst dark purple

Amla pickle in dream means



A young man is with my pestle in the dream

A man is with my pestle in the dream

A small reptile going inside my vigina

A woman drawing rangoli

A gold watch

A dark pond in your dreams

Applying red colour in face

Allah written on clouds

A single flower on a foot

Accused of stealing money in adream

A challenge to find new directions

A baby girl sucking my finger in dream

A man i used to be with glowing in white light

A lot of shirts


Accidentally slapping someone in face

Accidentally slapping someone

Air force one

A diamond and 10 diamond

Art installations

Aittcus god of war

Applying kajol in dreams

Dream Close
Dream Bottom Image